Diaphragm valve seller in NSW


For reliable flow control, choose NFS, the preferred KDV diaphragm valve distributor serving NSW. KDV valves are globally recognized for its premium quality industrial valves. At NFS, We understand your industry’s needs, from simple up to complex applications wether liquid,power or gas we have a wide range of high-quality valves suitable for them. Minimize downtime and optimise your processes with NFS and KDV.

NFS can supply diaphragm valves and for different types of diaphragm valves in Australia.

With In house manufacture and stock holdings in Australia, it allows NFS to deliver quickly, and reliably facilitate fast-track projects. Call our NFS team today and speak to our dedicated team to answer all your enquiries for Diaphragm Valves.


The Pump and Valve People are always willing to answer your queries.

Whether you have a question about our products, need technical assistance, or want to discuss a custom solution, our team is here to help.

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