KDV BUtterfly Valve seller in NSW


NFS Concentric Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves offer excellent durability and ease of operation in a wide range of water & industrial applications.
The one piece body design provides maximum strength with Positive On-Off, Bi Directional Sealing Seals at maximum rated pressure with identical flow from either direction.
Teflon Bushing PTFE bushings reduce operating torque and provide maximum shaft support. The stem is isolated from
the valve body, preventing corrosion.
Pin-less Disc and Stem Spline connection provides superior orientation of the disc and stem, reduces corrosion, provides bubble tight sealing and prolongs service life.
Valve Automation NFS supplies a wide range of pneumatic & electric actuators and control accessories including:

  • Solenoid valves
  • Switch enclosures
  • Electro-magnetic positioners
  • Limit stops
  • Handwheel over-rides

NFS can supply Butterfly valves in Australia.


With In house manufacture and stock holdings in Australia, it allows NFS to deliver quickly, and reliably facilitate fast-track projects. Call our NFS team today and speak to our dedicated team to answer all your enquiries for Butterfly Valves.


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