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Bore Hole Pumps

Submersible water pumps can be operated while completely submerged underwater. Mechanical seals are used to keep any water from entering the pump motor and short circuiting it. Submersible pumps have many useful applications, but the typical use is to pump water from a certain source, such as a water well, to a different desired destination.

Flexibore Borehole hose

Flexibore bore water hose is a flexible riser used for ground water pumping. This hose is constructed by integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a woven textile fabric of high tenacity polyester. The heavy duty internal fabric gives the hose flexibility whilst sustaining the weight of a submersible pump.

ISO Sovereign, Starlin Pumps

Standard with seal-for-life grease packed bearings this range is available in bare shaft, close coupled with motor and long coupled with motor. Bases are optional.

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