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To irrigate is to water crops by receiving water from pipes, sprinklers, or other man-made means, rather than relying on rainfall alone. It is the artificial process of applying controlled amounts of water to land to assist in production of vegetation. Irrigation offers moisture required for growth and development, germination, and other related functions. Although predominantly used for Agriculture, Irrigation can also be used for dust suppression or for wash bays in industrial applications.

Modern irrigation systems use reservoirs, wells, ponds, lakes, canals, bores, dams, tanks and water mains to supply the water and the nutrients needed. Irrigation is often related to drainage as it also can be the source of water into the reservoir.

Specialized pumps, valves and automations are used for irrigation. We at NFS being the “Pump and Valve People” support this industry strongly with an experienced team and by stocking quality products from reputable brands. Our consulting team are available to assist you to find the best product or system for the application.


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