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The industrial and chemical industry comprises of manufacturing companies and companies that produce industrial chemicals. It converts raw materials like oil, natural gas, water, metals, and minerals into different products. Specialised pumps and valves are used in this industry, and NFS being “the pump and valve” people support this industry strongly. Magnetic Drive pumps, jacketed valves, liquid ring pumps, fire and electrically rated products, lobe pumps, helical rotor pumps and more. Our consultant team are available to assist you to find the best product for the application.


    With In house manufacture and stock holdings in Australia, it allows NFS to deliver quickly, and reliably facilitate fast-track projects. Call our NFS team today and speak to our dedicated team to answer all your enquiries.


    The Pump and Valve People are always willing to answer your queries.

    Whether you have a question about our products, need technical assistance, or want to discuss a custom solution, our team is here to help.

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