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NFS is an authorized supplier of TM Series Titanium Pumps with Vortex Impeller in NSW.  The TM-series is a submersible titanium portable pump designed for handling seawater. It is made of titanium and resin. Since titanium has superb corrosion resistance against seawater, it is suitable for various applications where seawater is used. Titanium is suitable for handling seawater, but it is extremely expensive, which can make it disadvantageous in terms of material costs. To counter this problem, the TM-series pumps use titanium in combination with the same highly-functional resin that Tsurumi has adopted in its VANCS-series of resin pumps, so both problems — resistance to seawater and cost — are solved.


The TM-series pumps are used for seawater circulation, intake and draining purposes. They use food-grade liquid paraffin for the lubricating oil, which is safe and fish-friendly when used in fish preserves, water tanks and fish farms.

Also, the TM-series offer variations in discharge bore diameter (40 to 80 mm) and motor output capacities (0.25 to 3.7 kW; single-phase available up to 0.75 kW motor output). Also, models that enable automatic operation are available.

The TM-series submersible titanium pumps for seawater use titanium for all metal parts in contact with the liquid. Titanium has a much stronger oxide film on its surface than stainless steel and is therefore highly corrosion resistant, even under conditions of high chloride ion concentration, such as seawater.

National Flow Systems provides sales and services of Tsurumi pumps throughout the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Muswellbrook and Singleton regions in NSW Australia. We have a wide range of stock and spare parts available for purchase. Our test bay in NSW is fully equipped to handle every pump testings, repairs and servicing to new installations.

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