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NFS is an authorized supplier of Tsurumi C Series Cutter Pump™ in New South Whales AU..  Tsurumi C-series pumps are heavy-duty, submersible cutter pumps for sewage and wastewater, which are made of castings and equipped with a cutting mechanism. Its  solid handling, non-clog submersible pump with unique tungsten carbide tipped single or multi-vane impeller and high chrome serrated wear plate for shredding of solids. Excellent for use in Municipal, industrial and commercial applications.


Tsurumi’s C-series submersible cutter pumps are specifically designed for sewage and wastewater applications where solids are present. These pumps have been used to drain sewage and wastewater from buildings and kitchens, and to transfer sewage and wastewater in water treatment facilities of factories and commercial complexes.  The unique cutting impeller, combined with the high-efficiency motor, provides superior cutting and grinding capabilities, making it ideal for use in pump stations, lift stations and wet wells. 

Cutting Mechanism:

The cutter pump mechanism comprises a combination of impeller vanes with a single or two brazed sintered tungsten carbide alloy edge and a suction cover of serrated shape. The front surface of the suction cover has numerous grooves that catch fibrous matter, which is then shredded by the tungsten carbide alloy edges of the impeller canes and the saw teeth of the suction cover. This mechanism prevents the pump from being clogged with fibrous matter that can easily clog any pump.

Tsurumi C Series | NFS

Tsurumi’s Cutter Pumps are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your specific application needs. Whether you need a compact unit for tight spaces or a larger unit for higher flow rates, Tsurumi has a Cutter Pump to meet your needs.

Available in 2 pole, 4-6 pole

National Flow Systems provides sales and services of Tsurumi pumps throughout the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Muswellbrook and Singleton regions in NSW Australia. We have a wide range of stock and spare parts available for purchase. Our test bay in NSW is fully equipped to handle every pump testings, repairs and servicing to new installations.

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